2018 National Youth Conference – FOCUS

The New Salvation Church of Christ presents 2018 National Youth Conference

Theme: Focus

Date: August 9-11, 2018.

Rev Ogundare (CTFM)
Rev Ayodeji Akerele (NSCC)
Bro. Titus Olukitibi (FUTA)
Evang. Abiola Ogunro (NSCC, SHTA)
Pastor Adeolu Jose (CAC, RUGIPO)

Venue: Church Headquarters, Oda, Akure, Ondo State.

For more info, call: 08068673002, 08065135464, 07033402105



  • Each participant is to register and collect their order of programme which includes the meal ticket.


  • The hall on the mountain is assigned for the sisters while the brothers will sleep in the church.
  • It is important to adhere to personal/corporate quiet time which is between 4:30AM-5:30AM.
  • Observe your quiet time period. Take your rest and meditate. Do not disturb others by talking, phoning or praying loudly during rests periods.
  • The church has provided bathrooms and toilets, use them well.
  • Bathing in the open is not allowed, irrespective of how dark it is.
  • Do not drop sanitary towel inside the toilet, if you do so, you block and cause damage to the toilet.
  • Always make sure you take good care of the toilet after use.
  • Do not drop anything meant to be thrown into waste baskets just anywhere, make use of the waste baskets.


  • Our meals are being prepared by our mothers who are also members of our church, they’re not commercial caterers, please appreciate them and treat them with respect.
  • All participants are required to queue up for their meals.
  • All participants are required to wash their plates and utensils after each meal and keep them in the designated places. Please do not have us picking up plates and cups from all over the premises.
  • Meal ticket is important at the point of collection of each meal.


  • We are children of God and not thieves, nevertheless, be security conscious and take care of all your valuables.
  • Cooperate with ushers and security officials who have been assigned to enforce camp rules.
  • Any misplaced property found should be returned to the youth leaders or programme coordinators. Be your brother’s keeper.


  • You’re not here by accident, therefore do not distract yourself and others when any of the sessions are going on.
  • Making/receiving of calls, Facebooking, chatting and texting (WhatsApp etc) are prohibited during any session. Endeavour to put your phone on silence mode so as not to distract others.
  • All messages in this conference will be upload for free download on this website HERE.

Prayer Chain Groups: This is a small unit that will provide opportunity of praying with other participants under the supervision of prayer chain leaders. Please participate fully as it shall be rotational.

Website: www.nsccworldwide.org

Watch video bellow for more details. Kindly share with your friends.




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