NSCC Today’s Devotional – Be A Faithful Steward

Memory Verse: “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful” – 1Cor. 4:2
Today’s Devotional

Who is a steward? A steward is a person who manages the properties or affairs of another person on entity. A steward is a manager.
It is required that a steward be found faithful, that is, he should be loyal and adhere firmly to his master and to his cause.

As a Christian, Christ is your Master and you as a steward must be faithful to Him. You are a steward because you are in charge of God’s properties.
Your spirit (life) is not your own, it is God’s. You are just a manager. The spiritual gifts or natural talents given to you are not just for the sake of it, they are given to you to manage the works (business) of God. A day of reckoning is coming wherein you are going to
give account of how you handle God’s properties in your care.

You will give account on everything: the way you live your life, the way you handle your gifts, your spouse and children, the Church of God over which you are made an overseer as a minister of the gospel, etc.

Are you faithful in the handling of money, opposite sex, time, the way you handle people’s lives? Are you faithful to your conjugal vows, to your employer and to your customers?
Are you faithful to God and to yourself?
Can you say you are a Faithful steward. Remember the day of accountability, which is very near.

Oh Lord my Master, let me not fail you, help me to be faithful in all things, on the day of reckoning let me not be condemned. Amen