NSCC Today’s Devotional – Strive To Do The Will Of God

Text: Luke 12:45-47

Doing the will of God should be our uttermost priority and the basis for all we do on earth. It enhances right attitude and righteous act. It is expected of a steward to always do the will of his master.

Resolve it in your mind and be always ready to do anything if it is the will of God, and nothing if it contradicts His will. There are pressures around us always wanting always to compete with the will of God in our lives, ranging from the will of our parents, spouses, bosses, self will, but be determined and strong-willed to do God’s will no matter what.

The devil will try all within his power to make you go against your Master and at the end accuse you in His presence. As a wise son or daughter of God, and as a faithful steward you will not at all obligated to do what the devil suggests or fall for his tricks.

Ask to know the mind and will of God at every juncture of your life. It may not be convenient or palatable, but at the end, you would be happy in Christ.

Luke: 12. 47. “And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes”.

Lord, please help me to do your will, at all times, let me not be trapped by the devil’s deception, let me love you more.