NSCC Devotional – No Man Can Pluck Them Out Of My Hand

Text: John 10:27-29

Jesus the only good and able Shepherd says no one can pluck his sheep from His hand. In His hand the sheep are secured. He fights for them, He defends them and protect them. He even laid His life for them. What a good Shepherd!

If you are truly one of His sheep, your life is secured. All who are in Him, even if they die, they will live. Because He is the Resurrection and Life. And anyone who is alive shall not die. Do you believe this?

Walk in faith and confidence if you are one if His. No power can challenge you, no demon can molest you, no evil force can harass you.

Beware of self, beware of sin, beware of worldliness. You are the one who can remove yourself from the sheepfold. Jesus says no one among those given to Him perish except the son of perdition. Choose not to be a son or daughter of perdition.

I stand against every power challenging my faith in Christ Jesus. I speak against all demonic forces fighting against my spiritual life. I crush under feet all works of darkness that are against my success in life. Amen