God’s Message to Nigeria by Prophetess A.M. Akerele

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, O ye people of Nigeria, for the Lord is great and His greatness is incomparable.

I could see darkness fleeing swiftly from the presence of the light that the Lord is shinning upon this nation.

The end time revival, with which the Lord will shake the entire world through His beloved, is near. Satan himself is aware of this fact.
Certain secrets will be revealed by the Lord, of what the Lord is about to do.

Let all who acknowledge God as God embark on a seven-day prayer of thanksgiving without laying any petition before God, royal fathers who know God inclusive.

All the churches of God of different affiliations should also go on revival of thanksgiving for seven days without asking for anything. This prayer must be carried out without delay, between the end of this month of August and September this year.

The glory has come; the end time revival will soon start.

I was made to see Satan falling before the light that the Lord is shinning over this country. Thus country will become a tourist center for all the nations of the world because of the glory the Lord is planning for her.

The president of this country, Mohammed Buhari, should give glory to God in his chamber. Make a decision to do the will of God in all truthfulness. Heed not the counsel of evil men that can lead you into errors. Because many of those who occupy leadership positions in this government got there by the power of darkness.

All secrets shall be brought to open soonest, for the devil has fallen.

This world shall come to an end soon. Jesus has concluded the task of preparing a place for those who believe in Him, which He had gone to heaven to do. He will appear any moment from now.

If we believe and obey we would eat the fruits of the land.

The Message of the Lord
Through His servant
Prophetess A. M. Akerele
The New Salvation Church of Christ.