NSCC Today’s Devotional – Hitherto Have Ye Asked Nothing in My Name

Text: Mark 11:24

Mark 11:24 (KJV) “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Dear beloved, I believe you have been connecting the dots on requesting from God since we started this topic. I pray the Lord will enlighten us the more in Jesus name. Amen

In every promo or contract there are terms and conditions that are binding. So many Christians also work with that mindset in relating with God. They believe there is a limit to what they can ask from their Father who art in heaven. Some believe there is a limit to what He can do, if that is the case why is He the owner of the universe?

This is the mind of Christ for us. He is saying “Till date, my children, you have not asked anything from me”. We are like a son of a billionaire who is willing to give his only son anything he requested for but the son only asked for few thousands of Naira. After some days the boy felt he is asking too much from the father hence he chose to go hungry. When the father discovered this he was displeased with this behaviour of the son who claimed he didn’t want to ask much thing from him.

God is the rich man in our own case, He owns the universe not just money but every good thing, and He expect us to have express access to them. God checked his store of wealth, health, gift, power, grace, strength e. t. c and He is saying even till date you have not asked anything. John 16:24.

God possesses those things and expect that we will all come to have them in dominating the world in all aspects till our joy is full. God is interested in your home, job, studies, business e. t. c call him and he will respond.

David understood this when he faced Goliath even when the king and other soldiers said no, he stood for God and walked in the miraculous. He brought down the don’s head because he knew there was absolutely nothing he couldn’t get from God.

I receive all I have lost through unbelief in you oh God.