In our text today, the story of a blind man from birth, whom Jesus restored, it is expected that the people will rejoice with him. However, because people prefers darkness to light, they prefer to push the man out of the place of worship (the temple). So many times as Christians we are pushed out of the place of worship because we are confronted with problems that would not let us bow and worship Jesus. This is because the kingdom of darkness seeks to keep us unhappy knowing well that in worship and bowing to Jesus lies our victory, peace, deliverance and total restoration.

Many of us are rather bowing to treasures and pleasures than Jesus. Many people bow to marital, work, political and all forms of pressures rather than Jesus. This remains the reason why our testimonies fail to come to pass. Once you bow to Jesus all problems, pressure, poverty, sickness will bow to you.

Look at the Madman of Gadarene, who was demonic (Mark 5:1-20), he however bowed to Jesus and in the end, he was not only delivered but he became an Evangelist to a group of cities.

God is determined to do greater and mighty things in your life, but what have you done for God? Your attitude, your lifestyle, your disposition to people, your relationship and all that God has entrusted in your care, are you using them to the glory of God and his worship?

Where are you experiencing stagnancy, diseases, trouble, limitations, spiritual deafness and blindness, bareness and many unnamed problems? Why don’t you just bow and worship Jesus today, for that is the only solution to any predicaments. John 12:32.

To bow and worship Jesus, you must do this one thing, you must come with a holy heart, total submission and readiness to give all to Jesus, Psalms 24:3. It is only those who worship that will become spiritually and physically lifted.

Prayer :- Lord Jesus, let my spirit, body, mind and soul exalt you.